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As part of the IAM Holdings LTD Group, we provide development of certain key interests for flight safety systems within the military and commercial aviation industry.

Unique Design

Our method is to provide affordable flight safety systems, with the newest technology that also provides long service life by design.

Flight Recovery Systems

Our current development AC-Trac is cost effective, low weight, aerodynamic system to give fast data in the event of a flight emergency.

Ballistic Deployment

Rocket propelled, designed to reliable with a low weight impact. Our ballistic system is designed for long life and reliable deployment.

AC-Trac App

Our AC-Trac coded application offers real-time crucial data. Immediate alerts around the clock.


Our avionics are designed with a complete package of needed data for immediate analysis and future forensics.


Our systems utilizes ACARS and other data systems.


Smart by Design Aircraft Recovery Systems. Now is the time.

Our Deployable Flight Data System is in line with Bill H.R.753, a bill to aid the solving the proven need fix unresolved issues in the tracking and recovery of aircraft. Previous attempts were not adopted due mainly to system costs. We solve these issues including system cost, weight and maintenance concerns.

System Application - Market Sectors

ACARS Flight Recovery Systems for Commercial Aircraft & Defence Systems Projects

Due to the R & D nature of our work, we do not post online much in the way of project details. We will post product information upon our expected mid-2018 completion. Stay tuned!

We Build Solutions

We work to deliver first class products.

Key System Aspects

Performance and desired function with balanced costs.

Important consideration!

Performance and desired function with balanced costs.


Our system has multiple ways of being recovered. Land, sea or in mountain terrain we make fast recovery possible any time loss occurs.


It goes without saying, upon loss of flight, the fastest locationing and recovery may save lives, trauma and costs.


Full performance with balanced costs.


Reliable by Design

Data Collection

Key data availible during recovery phase and future forensics.

Reaction Time

Data within seconds

Previous Cases

Every commercial aircraft should have a deployable system to aid recovery and case investigation.

AC-TRAC, by IAM Aerospace

and in cooperation with leading aircraft manufacturers.


A qucik overview of some of the key products and services we offer.

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